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Our Clients




Many of the people that we sell on eBay for are older and are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with computers and the internet. We take the entire selling process out of their hands and put the weight of that responsibility on our shoulders.


We will set an appointment within their home to sit and speak with them about any questions that they may have about anything. I will show them real-time sales history pricing data so they will know what their items can expect to be sold for. There is no "arm twisting" and everyone is treated as My Client because I am working for them to get the most money for their possessions.

School Districts



The school districts that we work for are some the largest and smallest in our area, but all have the need to sell completely depreciated assets utilizing a public bidding process by a licensed professional. Our service is authorized to do this and we can get better results because we are happy to sell items to anyone in the world.


We have sold machine shop metal lathes, printing presses, and commercial kitchen equipment that required riggers, crating and LTL freight shipping as well as laptops, lab and IT equipment and ink & toner that were boxed and shipped via parcel.


We are always thinking about what is best for our clients. If scrapping an item will gain more revenue then selling it, then we will make that recommendation even though we will not gain any revenue for ourselves.




The business that we sell for tend to not have the time, resources or expertise to sell on eBay or Amazon by themselves. The items that we usually sell for businesses are new, old stock that do not have a strong enough demand to warrant an internal salesperson to focus on selling them, or they are not the latest and greatest products that they would normally be pushing their customers to purchase.


Some have their own websites where they are currently selling products, but their clearance section does not get them the exposure that eBay and Amazon will. Others have good used working equipment, but they are not going to take valuable resources away from their primary mission within the business to focus on selling obsolete equipment.

Online Consignment Services Details

My eBay consignment service is very easy to utilize. Once I receive your items, the next thing you have to do in the process is cash the check. I will take and edit the photos, write detailed descriptions, process the payments from all the winning bidders and ship the items.


  • I have a "Trading Assistant" license issued by The Board of Auctioneers in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and my license number is TRA000007.

  • Your personal information will not be shared to any buyers so you or your organization will remain anonymous.

  • I can pick your items up from your location.

    • There are size limitations.

    • Free pick-up service within 200 miles.

  • Drop-offs are by appointment only.

  • You can also ship your items to me.

    • Please send all shipments to:

    • Thefastmall

    • 2707 West 35th Street

    • Erie, PA, 16506-3373, USA

  • Commission per item:

    • 40%

    • $500 for state registered vehicles

  • You will be sent a link to my current auctions so you can monitor their progress.

  • Checks are mailed out once at the beginning of the month to cover the previous month's sales.​

  • A detailed itemized results report will be sent to you with your check.

  • Call 814.882.6830 or email me at and I will be happy to speak with you.

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