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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
  • My name is Doug Luthringer and I am a small business owner and entrepreneur that sells, trains or consults clients about eBay, Website Search Optimization and Google AdWords. I am not a smoker so your items will not smell like cigarettes while I have them in my possession, which makes for happier customers when they open their package.

How do I do business with you?

  • You can speak with us at 814-882-6830, email us at or fill out the form on the "Contact" page.


What experience do you have?

  • I have been selling on eBay since January of 2000. I started out selling my baseball card collection and have expanded into anything that my research tells me will sell.


How does your consignment process work?

  • Once I receive your items, either by me picking them up or by you shipping them to me, then next thing you have to do is cash the check I send you.


These are the steps that I take care of:

  • Research your items to figure out the best way to sell them.
  • Take good pictures of your items and edit them so they look really good.
  • Write a concise, professional description that will honestly represent your items.
  • Upload your items to eBay during times where the most traffic will see your items.
  • Answer as many questions as I can about your items that potential buyers will ask during the auction. I may contact you if I do not have the expertise or information to properly answer the questions.
  • Send invoices to the winning bidders after the auction closes.
  • Process all the payments and assume the risks that comes with them.
  • Pack and weigh your items. All of my boxes and material are new or barely used. I will never ship your items wrapped in newspaper inside of an old shoe box.
  • Process all the payments from various sources.
  • Send you your check once payments have cleared.


How much do you charge for commission?

  • 40% of the selling value per item
  • $500 for state registered vehicles


How long does it take for me to get my check?

  • I will send out checks on the first of the month to cover the previous month's sales until all of your items have sold.
  • We can make special arrangements, but I always must wait until I receive payment from the buyer.


Where will you sell my items?

  • Your items will be listed on eBay, and in nearly all situations it will be listed worldwide. That means your item will be sold all over the world, so your items get the most exposure to get you the most money.
  • Since I have a great deal of experience with search engines, I write my eBay descriptions to be search engine friendly. That means that many times your items will be found in Google, Yahoo and Bing even though they are listed on eBay. This will increase the visibility of your items and lead to higher values. Very few eBay sales consultants have search engine optimization expertise!


Feel free to call 814.882.6830 or email me at and I will answer your questions within 24 hours.

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